Training Expansion

Date: January 2015


For several years Rapid Solutions have been working in partnership with a New Zealand pest industry supplier network, called PestNetwork. The aim of this group is to provide ongoing training to the urban pest management industry to help individuals both maintain and improve their industry skills and knowledge. Today, individuals in all industries need to recognise that change is constant and work at keeping themselves up to date.

This partnership with the PestNetwork group has provided our training team with an insight into the New Zealand pest management industry. As a training group we have experienced new and different pests and been involved with and exposed to new and innovative ways to manage some of these pests.

The two countries are certainly different but the similarities between the Australian and New Zealand pest management industries and indeed the two markets, are considerable.

With Rapid Solutions and Pacific International already insuring pest managers in New Zealand we felt that training in New Zealand was a natural extension.

Early in 2013, Pacific International applied to the New Zealand government department administering work place training for acceptance as a Private Training Establishment, PTE. The PTE is the New Zealand equivalent to our Registered Training Organisations or RTOs. The application and assessment process has taken a long time and a lot of effort but we are now a registered New Zealand PTE and will soon have authority to train and assess those needing qualifications in the New Zealand pest management industry.

This is an exciting time for us at Rapid Solutions as it allows us to develop our training programs in a different country. It also provides us with the opportunity to increase and develop our individual knowledge and skills from these new training experiences.  As trainers it is very rare that we complete a training program without coming away with new knowledge, better understanding and skills.

Hopefully a positive outcome for all involved. 


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