Be more than just your average Pest Manager

Date: February 2016

Average Pest Manager
Being invited into someone's home to identify and manage a pest problem opens the door to a potential long term relationship with your customer. 

From the outset, you are being called upon for your expertise and problem solving skills, for your education and informed views on how to solve and manage a pest problem. However, it's the simple things that can often lead to securing a long term relationship with your customer. The way in which you or your technicians conduct yourselves during these times are vital to maintaining long term customers. 

The following are some actual examples of Pest Managers going the "extra mile" to build rapport with their customers, for very little (or no) outlay of extra money or time.

  • Comment on your customers house gardens. They take pride in it, so why not acknowledge it! It might be their rose bushes in full bloom, or their manicured lawns, or the way in which they maintain their home. Recognition of this shows you are interested in more than just spraying for spiders; 
  • Carry some spare light globes in your truck, and offer to change a blown globe if you spot one;
  • Carry some tap washers in your truck, and offer to fix a leaking tap if you see one;
  • Offer to put the garbage out if you are at a customer's house on bin day;
  • Pick up any fallen branches, or offer to trim a low hanging branch;
  • Identify other issues (e.g. items requiring building repair, attention of a plumber etc), and bring them to the owners attention.
As the old saying goes, "Little things can go a long way". Imagine old Mrs Jones at the local bowling club, telling her friends about the lovely Pest Manager who discussed her roses with her for 5 minutes, and also took the garbage out when he left!

Your insurance with Pacific International can include cover for Handyman Services, which covers "odd-jobs" (such as those mentioned above), which do not require you to hold a specific license. 

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