Happy days are here again

Date: February 2016

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This is possibly the most exciting time of year for many people. Time to go to that holiday house or "weekender" to get away from it all. Thoughts of fishing, swimming, hiking or any number of other activities on their mind, including just doing NOTHING!

How can this affect your business? It is the time when you can lift your bottom line... if you're ready.

Put yourself in your potential client's position. You have driven for possibly several hours, kids, dogs and all. You have arrived at your "favourite" place at last.

Grab the bags and head for the door. "Woo Hoo, we're finally here!" You open the door and... wham... "What's that smell? A dead rat in the wall. Call the Pest Controller!!"

Are you prepared for just about anything? You may receive a call to deal with anything from a dead animal smell to a fly infestation.

Are the vehicles serviced? Do you have sufficient product and equipment to handle the onslaught? Do you have good contacts?

While you need to keep vehicles in a road worthy condition at all times, it is probably a good time to check them now. It is never good to be late for an appointment due to vehicle failure. If you have a client wanting service at this time of year, they will want it done yesterday! If you can help them out promptly, the topic of conversation when they get home will be their holiday, not so much the problem. They will more likely talk about how good your service was than the fact that there was a problem in the first place.

Have your vehicles fully stocked with appropriate chemicals and equipment. When you're called, you will be able to respond to, and deal with, most problems quickly and efficiently on the spot. Remember, Dad just wants to sit down and have a beer, Mum wants a shower, the kids want to get to the beach and the dog wants what dogs want! Nobody wants to be waiting for the pest controller.

The family may not own the property. It may be a rental.

It's not too late to get out there and contact your Real Estate Agents or make contact with them to establish yourself. You can inform them of the services you can offer. Real Estate Agents don't want to be troubled by complaints either. Let them know that you are ready, willing and able to assist them to resolve any pest problem that might present itself.

While the holiday maker may be transient, the Real Estate Agent is there year round and may be an extremely valuable contact for your business.

This said, right now is a good time to brush up on your, and your staff's, knowledge. 

You could read through some textbooks or have staff meetings to discuss different pests and their treatment, etc.

Be prepared for just about anything and you will be in a strong position to take advantage of the rush that is sure to happen soon.

Are you ready?


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