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  1. February 2016

    1. Shells weatherboard thumbnail

      Happy days are here again

      February 2016

      This is a time where you can lift your bottom line, but you need to be ready for just about anything.
    2. Average Pest Manager

      Be more than just your average Pest Manager

      February 2016

      The way in which your technicians conduct themselves during client visits is vital to maintaining long term customers.
  2. January 2015

    1. Jan-2015---Training

      Training Expansion

      January 2015

      For several years Rapid Solutions have been working in partnership with a New Zealand pest industry supplier network, called PestNetwork. The aim of this group is to provide ongoing training to the urban pest management industry to help individuals both maintain and improve their industry skills and knowledge. Today, individuals in all industries need to recognise that change is constant and work at keeping themselves up to date.

  3. December 2012

    1. 2012-12-20Petrol Powered Backpacks

      Petrol Powered Backpacks

      December 2012

      The pros and cons of using petrol powered motorised backpack misters in commercial settings.
    2. 20-12-2012 Looking to Hire Employees

      Looking to Hire Employees?

      December 2012

      Employing is not as simple as "advertising and hiring". There are many more steps to take.
    3. 2012-12-20 Customer Relations

      Customer Relations

      December 2012

      Here are some tips about handling customer complaints tips.
  4. December 2011

    1. 1 12 11 Generic Chemicals

      Generic Chemicals in Agriculture

      December 2011

      Is cheap good and are the products you're using illegal? There are many generic Weedicides & Pesticides on the New Zealand market e.g. Glyphosate, 2, 4-D, Sulfometuron- Methyl, etc. 

    2. 2011-11-30 Dichlorvos Label Changes Important

      Dichlorvos Label Changes - Important

      December 2011

      Dichlorvos is a regularly used product in the pest, weed and agricultural industries in New Zealand and Australia.  This chemical has recently undergone a review in Australia by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority. 
    3. 1 12 11 Drywood Termite

      West Indian Drywood Termites in New Zealand

      December 2011

      The Ministry of Agriculture and Foresty (MAF) has taken action to destroy a small population of West Indian Drywood Termites that had been found in a home in Waikanae.